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    we decided to be among the pioneers,
    who develop their services so that they would include all financial

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    We are always keep on providing ,
    our clients with the best services.

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    we are also a center to prepare you for the success future&,
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Introducing Kotoba


Welcome To our website

We would like, first, to thank you for visiting our site and getting acquainted with the services provided by
our A.S.S. We are always keen on providing our clients with the best services. Out of our excessive concern for the benefit of our current and future clients, we would very much like to inform you about the capabilities and experiences of the founder of the Financial Expert House and some of the services it renders to its clients.
This is because we uniquely achieve the best results and the objectives our clients want as quickly as possible and satisfy their needs.

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Client service planning - Develop an audit plan - Perform the audit work

Financial Feasibility Studies


Corporate tax - Salary tax - Stamp duty - Sales tax - Withholding tax - Tax Planning -Tax Evasion