Legal consultancy and consultations

1 - Legal consultancy / consultations :

Our motto and watchword at A.S.S " yes our continuation from our best services" 

“. We take pride in offering a full range of financial, commercial and corporate (business) services to 

fulfill all our clients’ needs and desires. Our highly efficient, skilled and professional staff of chartered 

accountants, registered auditors, tax consultants and specialist legal advisers, specializing in every 

branch of law & legal counsels either inside or outside Egypt, is committed to meeting all your 

requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Above and beyond accountancy, audit and tax services A.S.S is dedicated to providing its clients with 

high level of national and international juridical and legal services.

- cases of administrative contracts (government(al)).

- commercial cases and cases of national and international arbitration. 

- cases of commercial agencies.

- tax litigations. 

- formation, establishment and registration of companies  of all kinds & forms, partnerships,

capital companies and investment companies.

cases of commercial fraud.

- trade marks registration and protection. 

- preparation, formation and revision of (all kinds of contracts and agreements.) .