Patents & Trade Marks

2 - Patents & Trade Marks :

A.S.S is professionally involved in is providing services related to patents and trade marks, industrial 

designs, copyright laws (publishing & printing rights law) and giving advice on intellectual property, 

since A.S.S is a certified agent at the Commercial Registration Authority to register patents and trade 

marks on behalf of its clients

The name of our company expresses what we truly are. The strength of A.S.S is attributed to the 

experience its teamwork has got. This team includes many experts, members of organizations and 

counseling committees as well as consultants of many intellectuals’ publications & published items

We are filled with pleasure of being qualified to provide the services corresponding to the needs of our 

clients, including planning, designing, carrying out and managing the projects of intellectual property. 

Additionally, we provide all advisory services and respond to inquiries relating to laws governing 

intellectual property and offer solutions to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that our clients 

usually face