About Me

I would like to welcome you at A.s.s

 Professional name : abd alla soliman

Qualification : holder of B. Sc., 1992, Accountancy Branch, cairo University Egypt    

Start of professional practice : May 1992

Accountants and auditors registration no., Egyptian Ministry of Finance ( 6571).

* I had a license of  chartered accountant  at 1988
Member of central auditing organization number 1184*

* Member of central bank   number 247
The office is reliable from Egyptian society of accountants and auditor
s *

* Member of General Federation of Arab Accountants and Auditors (A F A A) number 1929
* Member of Egyptian Tax Assembly

The main reason for join accounting work was a crisis happend in my last work when I was work as a 

financial Manager in eighteenth of last century, when I differ in opinion with  the factory manager at 

10th of Ramadan city then he reduce my salary into about half that my salary was 300 pound ( 150 as 

main salary + 150 pound bonus ) that because I was hard worker .

Then I image my self after ten years Standing in front of my wife and my children and they used to take 

that amount of money , I was shocked  what will be if it happen . 

I think for made independent work to have my own money and hard for 5 or six year then achieve my 

goals. I mean my hard period is training period so I joined accounting office " Mr. Taha Mohamed Ragab 

office – at bab el Louq " which was my Real chance and I mad every effort , I was respect that man 

who supported me to inter life of accounting and
 auditing . 

So, I decided to:

1- Obliged that man and never disobey his orders.
2- I was and still respect that man.
3- I was always had one response for his question was "yes sir" at one day he asked me to say "yes"
for once and I replayed him    "Yes" then he smiled and got out
4- I was faithful in the office and feel happy when I saw the work increased at the office.
5- At the time of submitted balance sheet I was sleep at the office because I feared to delay any report.
6- He tech me that I must work hard to learn and develop my job.
7- I was work very hard because I always find the new that accounting job is renewal and changed,
and it is most jobs developed in the world, I still have more to give to my job and for the end

I started my accounting work at shubra El Khema city at Begam district where my small house was there I  

started to open an office and I never have any money so I decided to allocate a room at my home and 

made woody signboard 1Meter * 70 CM 
And putted it on the bldg façade, I was shy about it, more than 

seven months gone and I never have any client.
 There I was have a car I made it as a taxi drive people to 

their home that to get life requests.
 I was moved among Begam district factories ,
 groceries and food  

markets showing my Services and inform them that I opened accounting office , and I am ready to present 

any accounting  or  tax service .
I was never interested in fees but I was concerned to be famous for 

example when I done a report to a grocery he gives me the fees as kind of grocery and I was satisfied 

about that.
 When I had more relationship I was never care about fees but I measure success with good 

relationships and being famous among clients and honesty regardless of volume of work. 
Then the office 

became more famous at the city and I started to catch any chance and work in honesty and hardly and this 

is my principle up tell now.