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Our firm: abd alla  soliman Abosekeen & co .is a big house of  tax, audit,  accounting and advisory services

A.s.s is a :

collects together a multitude of distinguished expertise, including experts in taxes, accounting, auditing, legal issues and all financial, economical and monetary areas, as well as an elite of outstanding chartered accountants having high technical recognition and perception of most financial problems and related variables.

Since we are talking about a House, there must be an owner. Mr. abd alla  soliman, the owner and founder of the House, has acquired considerable practical and scientific experience,for twenty years in a row, in addition to his personal clear-sightedness and high perception of all aspects of economical activities.
At the same time,the House has a collection of celebrated and prominent clients in the Arab and International markets who have an economical weight on the commercial, industrial and service business. Furthermore, the House founds its professional dealings with all individuals of the society on constructive and objective credibility with a view to achieving economical stability and continuing its distinguished professional business. 
The House is keeping up with recent developments and breakthroughs that impart benefits to the profession and the clients, and coping up properly with all professional and cultural trends. The House intensifies the knowledge of its staff members, by encouraging them to read and learn every thing about the history of the profession, and at the same time feel free to make the proper decisions and express their thoughts flexibly. All those qualifications, capabilities and experiences, taken together, allow the House to effectively perform a lot of jobs as fast as possible and satisfy its clients.