Our Services

1- Auditing :











* Client service planning

planning during which we work closely with client management to reach a mutual

understanding about the objectives of the audit, the scope of work, and client service


* Develop an audit plan

based upon our risk assessment.Create an individual plan for each audit location and

involve the appropriate personnel in each planning phase.  Reach an up-front agreement

on scope, timing, and responsibilities.

* Perform the audit work

in accordance with international and Egyptian auditing standards, giving close

consideration to the internal control structure. This involves the control environment,

the accounting systems being used, and a review of the control procedures implemented by



2- Tax :

* Our Scope of Work :

  1. Corporate tax
  2. Salary tax
  3. Stamp duty
  4. Sales tax
  5. Withholding tax
  6. Tax Planning
  7. Tax Evasion
  8. Calculate the  monthly salary tax and also prepare monthly payslip for each employee
  9. Preparing the monthly sales tax return on behalf of the company

3- Financial Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies service aim to test the viability of projects.  Feasibility studies involve the

assessment of marketing and technical studies, and also the financial feasibility of the project ,

by measuring the project's sensitivity against the future economical variables .


4- Accounting :

* Financial System Development :

- Design the documentation cycles to best match the recommended financial system .

- Recommend appropriate accounting books, taking the legal requirements into consideration .


5- Company Establishment :

We have a specialized team for establishing new projects and all kinds of companies:

joint ـ stock ، limited liability ، partnership limited by shares ، partnership ، limited partnership

and joint venture in accordance with all national laws and regulations We are ready to

establish any kind of activity: tourism ، real estate ، hotels ، agriculture ، industry ، etc

We also have a great experience at combination and liquidation of companies ،

trade marks register and company register in stock market .